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Me at the end of the work week

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Hammer of the Gods

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so my dad bought a new couch for our family room upstairs and everytime i leave something on it overnight and forget about it, he puts whatever it is in the middle of my bed while i’m gone, like a literal bowl of old popcorn in the middle of my bed when i get home and see it he wants me to think and reflect on it… have you ever met someone so petty

yes, my dad used to unscrew the light-bulbs in rooms just a little so they wouldn’t turn on, just to teach us a lesson about turning the lights off when we leave. We’d never know if they bulbs were burnt, or if my dad just got to them first unless we checked. 

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tumblr mobile

Im on mobile so I don’t know if the pic is actually of something, or if it’s legit just a stupid gray box

and the circle is complete


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oh i think i will animals

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Javier Medellin Puyou

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